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Rubbing performed

Rubbing performed Another basic massage techniques in games considered finger rubbing.

In Unlike strokes performed with a certain pressure onto the surface and hand does not slip on it, but as it moves a little skin, forming a pleated front.

Rubbing performed fingertips or palm and also takes zigzag, spiral and straight.

To this are receiving more and massage movements such as sawing, planing, and hatching peresekanie.

Very useful massage techniques in finger games vibration is to which includes a pat, hack, effleurage, shaking, shaking etc.

She has a strong effect on the nervous system.

So weak vibration improves muscle tone, and greatly reduces the increased tone and relieves nervous excitability.

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Neonatal The disease is characterized by early emergence abscess formation in the lung tissue of air cavities, rapid breakthrough inflammatory focus in the pleura and the emergence pneumoempyema.

For rapid disease.

The clinical picture is consistent with severe septic process.

Neonatal pneumonia differ severe.

Pneumonia in newborns may be prenatal or acquired.

Intrauterine pneumonia results from infection of the fetus in late pregnancy or during aspiration (swallowing) of contaminated amniotic fluid during childbirth.

Among the acquired pneumonia are also important aspiration pneumonia, which are more common in premature infants, arising from the imperfection of the act of swallowing, in contact with food in the child's airway.

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Life under

Life underAccording to a survey conducted by one of the foreign journals, the majority of parents approve of that opportunity - to stay in touch and keep your finger on the pulse. Life under the camera prevents (inhibits) the possibility of the child to hooliganism and exposes people who have an unhealthy interest in children's classes.

The webcam can become your new request at a meeting of the parents in the kindergarten. Brave new world is near!


In your life may come a time when you feel that the house is too many things to trash. This may occur after the first day of the birth of your second son or right after the holiday season and a string of gifts.

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In infancy violations

In infancy violations It can be caused by intrauterine pathology, birth trauma, asphyxia (suffocation), which leads to tissue hypoxia, especially the brain, or increased bilirubin, blood incompatibility was observed at maternal and fetal rhesus conflict or blood group.

In infancy violations hand musculoskeletal system may result neuroinfections (meningitis, encephalitis), cranial trauma, acute and chronic malnutrition, water-salt metabolism, deficiency of vitamin D.

At this age, are identified and congenital muscle disease, neuro-muscular synapses and anterior horn of the spinal cord (myopathy, myotonia), accompanied by a persistent decrease in muscle tone.

Increased muscle tone can be assumed in cases where there are the following changes: a constant compression fingers into a fist, hard splayed fingers slightly bent at the wrist, the fingers in extension in the metatarsal and metacarpophalangeal joints in flexion of the interphalangeal joints in if the fingers straightened, stretched and are in different planes, with elongated and tense limbs and head thrown back with - "opisthotonos", which can be observed in tetanus, a gateway is a newborn umbilical wound.

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After the determination

After the determination Glucose tolerance test is performed in patients with concealed over diabetes.

After the determination of the fasting blood glucose give the child to drink 50 grams of glucose in 200 ml of water.

During the next 3 h every 30 minutes.

to repeat determining the level of glucose in the blood.

Thus a healthy person for an hour blood glucose levels increases by approximately 50% compared to baseline (but not more than 9.

4 mmol / l).

By the end of the second hour, a decrease in the level of glucose to baseline or even below.

In patients with diabetes increase in blood glucose occurs later and appears to be more significant, with a decline to baseline is not observed after AF.

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